Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2014 • VOLUME 20 • №2

Professor Iosif Khaimovich Rabkin and his priorities in roentgenoendovascular surgery

Glyantsev S.P.

A.N. Bakulev Scientific Centre of Cardiovascular Surgery under the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Moscow, Russia

The article is dedicated to outstanding Soviet and Russian interventional radiologist, Professor I. Kh. Rabkin and his priorities in the development of roentgenoendovascular methods of diagnosis and treatment of arterial and venous diseases. Virtually simultaneously with American surgeons, I. Kh. Rabkin not only worked out a new method of intravascular stenting of arteries with spirals made of shape-memory metal (nitinol) but was the first in the world who in 1984 successfully stented the external iliac artery in a 56-year-old male patient with stage IV limb ischaemia.

KEY WORDS: I. Kh. Rabkin, vascular surgery, arterial and venous diseases, endovascular diagnosis and treatment.

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