Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2014 • VOLUME 20 • №1

Thrombolytic therapy in acute occlusions of peripheral arteries

Gadeev A.K.1, Lukanikhin V.A.1, Bredikhin R.A.2,3, Mikhailov M.K.4, Ignatyev I.M.2, Djordjikia R.K.3

1) Municipal Hospital of Emergency Medical Care No 2,
2) Interregional Clinical Diagnostic Centre,
3) Kazan State Medical University,
4) Kazan State Medical Academy, Kazan, Russia

Atherosclerotic occlusions of the abdominal aorta and arteries of the lower limbs are the commonest pathology of the arterial system. General growth of primary reconstructive operations on the abdominal aorta and peripheral arteries is accompanied and followed by the increased number of patients presenting with various postoperative complications of a specific character, such as early and late re-occlusions of the postoperative segments. Besides, currently important remains the problem concerning effective and safe management of acute occlusions of peripheral arteries not subjected to reconstruction. One of the promising methods of treatment for acute arterial occlusion is thrombolytic therapy. Presented herein is a review of the literature concerning the state of the art of thrombolytic therapy in acute occlusions of peripheral arteries.

KEY WORDS: thrombolytic therapy, urokinase, acute occlusions of peripheral arteries.

P. 194

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