Journal «Angiology and Vascular Surgery» • 

2020 • VOLUME 26 • №4

Clinical results of cardiac valve repair with bicuspid full-flow mechanical prosthesis «MedEng-ST»

Abdulyanov I.V.1,2, Vagizov I.I.1, Kaipov A.E.1,3

1) Department of Cardiac Surgery №2, Interregional Clinical and Diagnostic Centre,
2) Chair of Cardiology, Roentgenoendovascular and Cardiovascular Surgery, Kazan State Medical Academy – branch of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education under the RF Ministry of Public Health,
3) Chair of Cardiovascular and Endovascular Surgery, Kazan State Medical University of the RF Ministry of Public Health, Kazan, Russia

Prosthetic repair of cardiac valves with artificial mechanical prostheses is ubiquitously performed using prostheses consisting of two cusps (bicuspidal). Several years ago, new bicuspid full-flow prostheses appeared on the market. From the first use they immediately proved reliable, with stable haemodynamic characteristics. At the Interregional Clinical and Diagnostic Centre, bicuspid full-flow mechanical prostheses «MedEng-ST» have been used since 2017. We carried out a retrospective follow up of 84 patients subjected to prosthetic repair of cardiac valves with full-flow prostheses «MedEng-ST» in mitral and aortic positions. There were no prosthesis-associated or procedural complications during follow up. Neither were there major complications in the postoperative period. All complications were related to peculiarities of the approach to the heart. We assessed the functional parameters of the heart by standard echocardiography. The obtained findings demonstrated good haemodynamic parameters on the «MedEng-ST» prostheses, improved intracardiac haemodynamics, which eventually had a beneficial effect on the patients’ clinical picture. The transprosthetic gradients had stable parameters with a decrease in time when placing the «MedEng-ST» prosthesis into the aortic position (p≤0.05). Proceeding from the obtained results, as well as taking into account the absence of thromboembolic events it may be stated that the proposed design of the device is universal for replacement of the aortic and mitral valves of the heart. Based on the obtained findings of the study we recommend to use the «MedEng’ST» prostheses in clinical practice. Further studies are required for more convincing data and explicit recommendations.

KEY WORDS: cardiac valve repair, artificial mechanical cardiac valves, artificial cardiac valve «MedEng-ST».

P. 148

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